balanced life

Some personal stuff

to round out my story

A mix of activity and interests keeps me fulfilled, challenged, and balanced.


I’m blessed with a large family including nine (yes, nine!) children. Ranging in age from 27-13, they keep me inspired, humbled, and full of life — not to mention entertained. Here’s a recent family photo we managed to pull off.


Among our involvement, my wife Janis and I co-founded The Markie Foundation, in honor of our first son, who passed away in 1999. To date, our organization has raised more than $500,000 to support children’s hospice and families in need.


Since I was young enough to recognize a ball, sports have been part of my life. After playing competitively through college, I get my fix through coaching, watching my kids play, golfing, and occasionally remote-surfing on the couch.


Whether camping, fishing, walking the dog, or simply barbecuing in my backyard, I’m energized and refreshed by the outdoors. Below is one of my “happy places,” where I’ve spent many days enjoying its natural beauty — and abundant fish.

Balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.