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This is a sampling of projects and deliverables showcasing my diverse skills and experience.

Samsara Culture Blog Post

As part of the Life at Samsara blog, we published this post highlighting one of Samsara’s wellness benefits, targeting both current and future employees. I led the concept and development, including writing and editing. The post was one of Samsara’s most popular, generating hundreds of views. View blog post

Samsara Values Activity

To help bring Samsara’s values to life, we developed activities for employees to participate in. One was in the form of Bingo, where teams had to complete activities aligned to each value. These activities help increase engagement and understanding of Samsara’s values in a fun, collaborative way. Inquire for more (due to confidentiality)

Samsara Manager Guide

As part of Samsara’s manager enablement and communications efforts, I produced this Guide to Being a Manager. The guide, which covers a range of culture, leadership, and program topics, helps clarify the role of managers to drive business impact and deliver an exceptional employee experience for their teams. Inquire about document (due to confidentiality)

Samsara Manager Newsletter

I led the development and distribution of a monthly newsletter for managers, called Leading the Flock. The newsletter typically covered a single topic, with resources, exercises, and tips to help managers implement with their teams, while building their own leadership skills. Inquire for examples (due to confidentiality)

Samsara Program Communications

Supporting Samsara’s People (HR) team, I was responsible for strategizing, developing, and distributing a range of programmatic communications related to employee engagement, talent development, compensation and benefits, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and more. Inquire for more (due to confidentiality)

Samsara Career Paths

To support the employee growth and development, I helped develop this framework for identifying responsibilities at each level. These career paths help employees understand their career trajectory and expectations for their current and future role while giving managers a tool to facilitate conversations with their team members. Inquire about document (due to confidentiality)

Samsara Channel Proposal

To help streamline and increase the effectiveness of People-related communications, I proposed the implementation of a dedicated Slack channel. The channel was intended to give stakeholders a more efficient way to communicate, while managing the volume of communications. View proposal

BlastX Launch & Content

In 2021, Blast began evolving to BlastX, a new experience-focused brand and solution offering. I helped lead the development, launch, and marketing of BlastX, including a new website, white paper, article, internal communications, and more. View website

BlastX Vision Summary

This document outlines the key strategic components of BlastX, our new experience-focused brand, and solution offering. It was created as a quick reference to help teammates articulate BlastX for both internal and external conversations. View document

Blast Website

With strong content strategy and SEO, including an industry-leading Insights (blog) section, this was Blast’s flagship marketing channel and lead source for years. I worked with company-wide stakeholders to maintain timely and relevant content. View website

Blast Great Place to Work

I helped Blast achieve and communicate its Great Place to Work designation, leveraging this as a differentiator for recruitment and marketing. It includes content showcasing the company’s unique culture and passionate teammates. View webpage

Blast Core Values

To better align with Blast’s more humanistic branding and further connect teammates, we redesigned our Core Values content with new imagery, descriptions, and stories that bring them to life. We presented the old versus new at our quarterly rally. View Blast’s Core Values

Blast Make Your Mark Guide

This guide helped articulate Blast’s purpose — Make Your Mark — and how teammates can carry this in their daily lives, professionally and personally. We also captured this activity in our annual Make Your Mark Highlights page. View guide

Blast CEO Communications

To help bring greater transparency, clarity, and structure to teammates, I executed a multi-format communications strategy with our CEO, encompassing email, newsletters, presentations, and more. This included ghostwriting his messages. Inquire about examples (due to confidentiality)

Blast Company Rallies

Blast held a quarterly company rally to share information on its vision, strategy, and performance. In addition to the pre- and post-rally communications, including two-way feedback, I supported various leaders with their respective presentations. Inquire about examples (due to confidentiality)

Blast COVID-19 Response

As our communications leader, I initiated and wrote this message at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to inform our communities — clients, partners, employees — of our perspective, preparedness, and response. View communication

Kleinfelder 2020 Strategic Direction

To support change management, including organizational restructure and rollout of the company’s five-year strategy, I helped produce this one-page overview of Kleinfelder’s 2020 Strategic Direction — one of multiple communications. View document

The Kleinfelder Experience

This booklet was created for employees to communicate how the company operates to serve clients, communities, and each other. It aligned with the company’s 2020 Strategic Direction and purpose “to connect great people to the best work. View booklet

Kleinfelder CEO Presentation

I helped develop this presentation in collaboration with Kleinfelder’s CEO, who was speaking on an executive panel at an industry event. In his words, “I received many compliments on how well it looked and conveyed the message.” View presentation

Kleinfelder Annual Reports

I produced multiple annual reports showcasing Kleinfelder’s people, projects, and achievements, each with a unique theme. In addition to writing, I led the entire production, working with an outside design firm. View reports: 2011 2012 2013 2014

Kleinfelder CMC Overview

This is an internal presentation that shared the various ways Kleinfelder’s Corporate Marketing & Communications team, which I led, could support stakeholders and business groups across the organization. View presentation

George Mark Children’s House Virtual Tour

As part of my community involvement and family charity work, I helped George Mark Children’s House produce this virtual tour video during the COVID-19 pandemic when visitors were not allowed at the House. I was involved from strategy through execution, including scriptwriting and project management. View virtual tour

Looking for more, or something specific? I have hundreds of work samples covering all types of projects: advertisements, articles, brochures, case studies, corporate/annual reports, datasheets, direct mail, newsletters, presentations, press releases, technical documents, websites, white papers, videos, and more.

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